The Potential Uses of Graphene

The chances are that most of you have already heard something about Graphene and how it’s amazing qualities are going to change the way we live our lives. Well, it is all possible because Graphene certainly is as exciting as the hype has suggested. There are a few bumps in the road regarding the mass production, well actually some huge potholes, but this article isn’t interested in those. We’re talking about those awesome properties and the potential uses that Graphene has to offer.

Graphene Basics

Although scientists have been aware of Graphene for some time, the actual discovery was just over 10 years ago and things have gone a little crazy ever since. Essentially, Graphene is unfeasibly strong, very thin, flexible and transparent. Over 200 times stronger than steel, only a single atom thick and some unbelievable conducting properties are of massive interest to the scientific world, any pretty much every industry out there.

Production Issues in Brief

As we touched on earlier, Graphene is some way off mass-production, and this is quite frustrating to be honest. Although there are ways to knock up a small sheet of this wonder material, it is very expensive and almost impossible to recreate on a large scale right now. Dozens of world renowned technology companies are investing millions into trying to solve this problem.

Why Graphene?

If you are still scratching your head over why this material is whetting the appetites of the kings of modern industry, just think a little about the whole picture. A sheet of Graphene is only one atom thick, it is one million times thinner than a sheet of paper. It has over 200 times more strength than steel, plus it is see through and can conduct heat and electricity at unheard of rates. We’ve collected a few of the possible uses for Graphene below, but there are many more in the pipeline.

Mobile Device Screens

Transparent future mobile phone made of graphene. Concept.Those Smartphones don’t come cheap and when the screen cracks, all hell breaks loose. Just imagine having an unbreakable material instead of glass, things would be so much easier. The prototypes have already been tested with awesome results. Will the mobile phone giants be interested in ploughing some money into the development? Well, Samsung are already there and just see what happens if they manage to win the development race for mass production.


The real ones, not the operating system, will benefit from the amazing conductive qualities of Graphene. The sheer strength of this material would be more than merely bullet proof, you could also lay a sheet of liquid crystals between the Graphene electrodes and you’ve got an automatic dimmer switch going on.

Graphene Plastics

If you combine the strength and the lack of weight, Graphene could be mixed in with a type of epoxy that would be able to replace any metal currently used in making cars and planes. No more rust issues, but practically dent proof into the bargain. Graphene has it all going on, and then some.

Drinking Water

Those boffins over at MIT have already developed a Graphene filter that utilises the ultra-fine molecular structure in such a way that will allow us to obtain drinking water from the world’s oceans – uncanny!

In The Human Body

Sounds weird? Well just think about using Graphene to connect with the brain neurons, it will change the possibilities of bionic limbs forever. This isn’t a pipe dream, because evolutionary research is already working on this amazing possibility

See You Soon Graphene…

Hopefully you will see some of the amazing potential that has got the scientific community and most of the business world foaming at the mouth. Hopefully the mass production development roadblock will soon get a green light.